Hello there!

My Name is Saurav Verma. I am a passionate Performance Marketing Consultant and Trainer.

I help Entrepreneurs and Marketers to succeed,Plan & Execute result oriented marketing strategies.

“Your brand is not just what you sell; it’s the story you tell.”

About Me

  • Seasoned professional with experience in Online Advertising and Digital Marketing focussed on Performance Marketing and AdTech
  • Trained Google vendor teams across the world for 1 years on DoubleClick and other Ad Tech platforms
  • Delivered Successful Corporate trainings on platforms like Google Ad Manager and Ad Exchange for companies like Telly
  • Training with hands-on experience after handling and leading Digital Marketing accounts.
  • Best Performer in a Startup company Called Geeks Drive Private Ltd. with Practical approach.
  • implementing end to end digital media strategy, architecture and marketing stack for brands, for ROI
  • Trained 100+ Students on Platforms like Google Ads, SEO, Facebook Ads or Analytics.
  • 45k subscribers on YouTube in 1.5 years

Projects I work On

Performance Marketing Strategy

Professional Training

Digital Maturity Framework

YouTube Audit & Strategy

1-on-1 Consultation

Analytics Part


What clients say about me
Shubham Arora MD at sheerbulls
Shubham Arora

Founder at Sheerbulls India

“Mr. Saurav Verma really solved our pain point of getting quality leads – the most important part in marketing of Real Estate industry“

Thank you


CEO at Marketing Principle

“The completion of the Project was facilitated by Saurav, who not only provided assistance but also introduced fresh ideas to enhance the project and aided in my comprehension of its potential.”

Burhan Hussain

Partner at Manzel

“Thank you Mr. Saurav verma for an best audit! Truly it is one of the great investment I have made! because of valuable insight I get. Highly appreciated.”
Thanks Saurav